It is important to know where the products in our homes come from and what materials they are made from.  Increasingly we are seeking authentic products made from natural materials with integrity and sustainability.

These natural attributes are the foundations of ‘Laneve’ by Wools of New Zealand

“Wools of New Zealand” is a premium brand identifying carpets and rugs manufactured by licensed partners who meet demanding quality standards and fibre content requirements.

Laneve is a companion to the Wools of New Zealand brand, going beyond the excellence of the product to attest to the sustainability and traceability of the wool itself.

Laneve branded carpets and rugs are made from 100 percent wool traceable back to identifiable farmers who meet a comprehensive range of environmental, social responsibility and animal welfare standards.

Every carpet that carries the Laneve brand is produced by manufacturers that are committed to ethical and responsible practices. Further to this every carpet that is sold can be traced back to the farms where the wool was grown.

New Zealand farmers are world leaders in producing wool of the highest quality.  Laneve branded carpets must also comply with wools of New Zealand’s rigorous performance specifications.

Laneve branded carpets are now offered by selected retail partners who are committed to achieving a higher level of integrity, sustainability and customer service.

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