Sustainability means more than being natural. Wools of New Zealand’s Laneve programme ensures the very best in animal welfare and environmental standards are maintained through transparent value chains.

Laneve™ is for people who are keen to make sure their ethical and sustainable choices are authentic.

These people care about where the products in their homes come from and what materials they are made of.

Customers who select Laneve™ are able to trace the wool used in their carpets back through the value chain right to the farm.

Laneve™ farmers must meet a comprehensive range of environmental, social responsibility and animal welfare standards.

Also every carpet meets Wools of New Zealand’s standards;

Wools of New Zealand is a premium brand identifying carpets and rugs manufactured by licensed partners who meet demanding quality standards.

Every carpet that carries the Laneve™ mark is produced by manufacturers that are committed to ethical and responsible practices.

The result is both naturally healthy and naturally beautiful.

Selected partners who are committed to achieving a higher level of integrity, sustainability and customer service offer Laneve™ carpets.