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Laneve branded carpets contain wool grown to Wools of New Zealand’s strict guidelines on animal husbandry, land management and transparency.

The Wools of New Zealand brand identifies products which are rich in New Zealand wool and that meet strict performance criteria.

Laneve identifies products which are made from 100% natural fibres with all of the wool being traceable through transparent supply chains back to the farmers who grow it.

On certified products you will always see these symbols together so you know you have found quality combined with full transparency and integrity

Our growers are audited for.. Traceability, Environmental Standards, Best Farming Practice, Animal Welfare & Stringent Quality.

The people who grow laneve wool and make your laneve carpet or fabric are commited to our integrity programme which ensures the very best in sustainability on the farm and right through to your home or office.

We care about people and the planet. Being sustainable means doing the right thing for everyone. Our mission is not just to reduce the impact of our supply chain, we want to have a positive effect on our people and our planet.

We know who grows our Laneve wool and how they grow it, but we also know where it goes and what happens along the way.

We know the impact of creating the world’s best wool and we have made it our business to continuously improve the quality and integrity of our fibre to deliver beautiful and functional products.

Every Laneve carpet or fabric can be traced back to the people who grew your wool via our trace function at

Laneve farm

Laneve factory in New Zealand