Wools of New Zealand have introduced Aulana, a new luxury brand in which cutting edge science, wool and pure gold, combine to produce the ultimate exclusive textiles. The first Aulana product is the Midas Rug, a unique hand knotted rug. Individual pieces can be commissioned.

The Midas Rug

The Aulana Midas Rug.

Ancient chemistry combines with modern science to create colours without the use of dyes.   Fine particles of pure gold shift light into delicate shades of grey, pink and purple.

The scientific process is called ‘localised surface plasman resonance’ . To understand this, think gothic cathedrals and their stained glass windows, which are often red in apparent colour – when, in reality, they are gold dissolved in the glass.

The Midas Rug

Lovely Pure Gold and Pure Laneve Wool.

The Midas Rug, designed by SoFarSoNear and on display in their London showroom, is expected to retail at circa £12,000. Created to illustrate luxury and opulence, the rug does not glitter with gold, but rather uses gold to interrupt light and create elegant soft hues.

Commenting on the launch, Steven Parsons, Innovations Manager at Wools of New Zealand, said: “Aulana is about creating an heirloom. Its products won’t be gold in colour, but gold is in there creating the hues that are visible. And because it is gold particles it is permanent, so, like cathedral windows, Aulana colours will never fade, and our ancestors can inherit an Aulana rug centuries from now and the colour will be just as rich.”