Hammer Tæpper A/S was founded in 1948 by Sigfred Møller Jørgensen. After starting up in humble buildings, the factory in Birk was built in early 1950’s. This has currently been expanded and renovated. Today the company is owned and managed by second generation, Tom Møller Jørgensen.

Through the years, Hammer Tæpper A/S has specialized in manufacturing and delivering textile floor coverings in both wool- and synthetic yarns.

The production facilities are continuously being up-dated and changed thereby it lives up to today’s demands.

Due to our production facilities and our in-house design studio we can offer our clients individual design solutions, high quality and fast production time.

Hammer Tæpper A/S offers a wide range of qualities for the domestic market. These qualities are both mix yarns and pure wool. We offer loop and cut products in different varieties.

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Weston Hammer beautiful loops

Weston Hammer beautiful loops