Using only the best quality Eastern Africa organic sisal yarn, Mellau Teppich’s rugs and carpets ensure guaranteed class and quality and durability. Mellau Teppich’s rugs, in addition to being made with the environment-friendly sisal yarn, are also fire resistant, anti-static, and will last you for years.

Mellau Teppich’s unique manufacturing methods create a no-fray carpet, enabled by weaving selvedge edges on the uncut side of their rugs, which ensures that Mellau Teppich products are durable and clean to provide that modern, clean, look.

With over eighty years of experience in making the best possible sisal carpet runners and rugs, this Austria-based company comes fully equipped to handle all of their customer’s myriad wants and needs, from dye works, spinning, weaving and coating.

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Mellau Teppich Sisal Multicolor  5025k_cotton tape 61

Mellau Teppich Sisal Multicolor 5025k_cotton tape 61