One of the increasingly few companies to manufacture in their own factory, Brockway Carpets takes quality control and design seriously. This tightly knit company engages often with members of the industry to continually bring innovation to the art of carpet making, whether it be weaving, dying, or sustainability.

A family-run business, Brockway Carpets is a major proponent of British craftsmanship, with a strong emphasis on drawing from generations of expert carpet makers for their workforce. Tradition and quality thus count for much at Brockway, and with a history dating back to 1964, Brockway can safely claim that carpeting is in their blood, each generation passing the torch down the ages without losing its quality in work.

Brockway is also famous for its support of local farming communities, choosing their raw materials from local British farms for the finest wool for their carpets, aiding local farmers’ sustainability in an age of mass-produce industry.

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