The town of Axminster is well known as a hub of carpet manufacturing, and Axminster Carpets, established in 1937, continues to uphold that proud heritage, serving the great and good, from the working man to the members of the royal family.

Indeed, Axminsters from Axminster can be found in the finest establishments across the world.  Royal residences, five-star hotels, train carriages and even luxury airlines – this brand is no stranger to the wealthy and powerful, and stands as the very hallmark of prestige.

Despite its grand pedigree, Axminster remains a family-run business in the bustling heart of Axminster, Devon. Axminster Carpets employs whole families across various fields and departments, creating a tight-knit community within the company and without, with the younger generation stepping into the footsteps of their elders, further maintaining Axminster’s tradition of excellence.

With its long history of weaving and design skills, Axminster stands as the quintessential British carpet company.

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Royal Borough Windsor Itschner Light Grey.

Royal Borough Windsor Itschner Light Grey.