With exports to over 50 countries and boasting 150 million Euros in turnover last year, Associated Weavers is a large and established maker of carpets, with their 500-strong staff producing 26.6 million square metres of carpet in 2014 alone.

Based in Ronse, East Flanders, Belgium, Associated Weavers’ specialties lies in the production of tufted broadloom carpet, and are indeed the biggest producers of this carpet in Europe, with selling offices in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Associated Weavers have a long-standing history in the industry since the 60s, becoming the trendsetters for printed broadloom carpets in Europe and the United Kingdom, and are the most successful at bringing the luxurious and creative design and colours to the European markets.

The same attention to rising trends keeps Associated Weavers ahead of the pack, monitoring new trends and innovation to create fresh, new designs to meet the world’s ever changing tastes and sensibilities.

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