Using recycled fibres to make felts for the flooring, horticulture, building insulation, automotive and acoustic industries, Anglo Recycling has been practicing their ‘Our business exists for more than profit’ philosophy since 1939.

A manufacturer of a large range of felts from recycled fibres, Anglo Recycling took their beliefs another step further by building a recycling plant in 2010, which has diverted 600 tonnes of carpet from going to the landfill every year since.

Unlike their competitors, Anglo Recycling stands for more than carpeting, this family business from Rossendale Valley, Lancashire has a unique blend of environmentally-friendly and customer-oriented approaches to the business.

In these troubling times, with manufacturing jobs becoming few and far between with levels of unemployment continue to rise, Anglo are experiencing a period of growth, granting it further impetus for its community and environment-minded ventures in order to endure as an outstanding symbol of innovation and progress.

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