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About Us
   Adam Carpets

Adam Carpets have been making carpets in Kidderminster for over 80 years. During that time, the brand has become synonymous with for its high quality products, its innovation and its vast colourbank.
Every single colour, of every single range that they sell, is made in the Adam Carpets factory in Kidderminster. They only use the finest materials available to make their products. Adam Carpets test every batch of every range that they make to ensure that their high standards of quality are maintained.

Boulevard (main picture) was launched in 2011 and has become an instant classic. It is an overtuft carpet offering ‘woven quality, tufted price’. The beauty of this carpet is its heavy 40oz pile weight. It is available in 14 colours and 4m & 5m widths. It was shortlisted for ‘Best Carpet’ at the 2011 House Beautiful Awards.

Castlemead Velvet Stripe is almost unique in that it is made in a luxurious velvet finish with a ‘mirror’ alignment to make it more aesthetically pleasing on stairs. This carpet is made with the finest 2-ply yarns, which help resist pile reversal. It is available in 4m wide and comes in 11 stunning colours.

Fine Worcester Twist is an iconic name within the carpet industry. Its name is synonymous with colour, quality and style. The 2-ply yarns are tufted on a 1/10th gauge machine, which separates this beautiful carpet from the rest of the crowd. 65 colours are available in 4m & 5m widths.

Castlemead Twist is the original ‘hard twist’. We put up to 30% more twist in our yarn to make sure the carpet is more durable and looks better for longer. Made with the finest British Wool, this 42oz carpet is available in 60 colours and in 4m & 5m widths.

Kasbah Stripe is a magnificent blend of velvet and twist textures that together produce a stunning finish. Kasbah Stripe, like Castlemead Velvet Stripe, has a mirror alignment, which allows symmetry anywhere that it is laid. It is made with 2-ply yarn to ensure durability in the heaviest wear areas. It is available in 7 colours and in a 4m width.

Adam Carpets are ISO 9001 certified to the latest 2008 standard, one of the very few UK manufacturers to have this. This means a high standard of quality and customer service from start to finish.

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